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Remember to Imagine and Innovate

By: Ann Marie VegaOn: May 26, 2016

As we enter into the Memorial Day weekend, take time to regroup and refresh, come back next week with your reinvigorated imaginative mind.

I read an article last week ( about students who explored redesigning the Kirkland Signature brand.  The article brought me back to my days of teaching Marketing at the University of New Hampshire.  My students were always uninhibited in their thinking, imagining what could be.  As the article states, they were not bound by the cost of implementation; but sometimes this is exactly what we must do to innovate.  My students imagined wireless ear buds in 2010, they are now a reality.

While we provide systems to help organize your work life, we hope it gives you the time to thrive, innovate and create.
Enjoy your weekend!