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Remember to Imagine and Innovate

By: Ann Marie VegaOn: May 26, 2016

As we enter into the Memorial Day weekend, take time to regroup and refresh, come back next week with your reinvigorated imaginative mind.

I read an article last week ( about students who explored redesigning the Kirkland Signature brand.  The article brought me back to my days of teaching Marketing at the University of New Hampshire.  My students were always uninhibited in their thinking, imagining what could be.  As the article states, they were not bound by the cost of implementation; but sometimes this is exactly what we must do to innovate.  My students imagined wireless ear buds in 2010, they are now a reality.

Move From Implementation Insanity to Enlightenment

By: Carri-Anne TewaltOn: May 19, 2016

Ever experience implementation insanity that drags on for months and months?

New system implementations can be daunting.  Change is never easy for teams. 

Workflow by Design has launched many solutions with a wide variety of clients.  What we have learned is that no matter how simple or complex, every implementation goes through the same transformation.


The demo and paperwork are complete.  Everyone is ready to get started! 


Our solutions are highly customizable so we “interview” you and ask a lot of questions.  We also use this as an opportunity to encourage best practice adoption – which means there are going to be changes and maybe some confusion at first.  Try to step outside of your comfort zone; evaluate how you really want to work.

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” – Henry Ford

Lessen your Workload!

By: Kristen BonitoOn: May 2, 2016

Congratulations to MBD!

By: Kristen BonitoOn: April 20, 2016

Congratulations to MBD!

We are proud to announce our sister-organization, MBD, won 4 GD USA awards as well as 1 Vertex Award for the following designs:

GDUSA Win: Welch’s Fruit Shots

GDUSA Win: Welch’s Refreshingly Simple

GDUSA Win: WinCo Health & Beauty

GDUSA Win: PetEdge Insect Repellant

Free Month Trial

By: Kristen BonitoOn: April 15, 2016

In honor of Earth Day (April 22nd), we are extending our offer for a free month trial of Approver!  All you have to do is schedule a demo and after one brief demo we will start your one-month free trial so you can get to approving!

Ever Wonder Why

By: Kristen BonitoOn: April 4, 2016

Ever wonder why projects seem to get off track, why you can’t figure out their status, or more simply why a workflow system doesn’t seem to get my process?

We know that not all workflow systems are alike, or for that matter, neither is every creative services organization alike.

Having a solution that was born from the artwork design and production world makes a difference.  Our leadership has lived and breathed every aspect of the creative and enterprise software industries. We understand the demands of your world, and we have built a solution that takes your needs into account, not some generic project management parameters.

Infusing our experience into an intuitive workflow solution makes all the difference.  Experience does matter, we can help, and we already have for many customers.  Click to take a peek!

Paperless World

By: Ann Marie VegaOn: March 21, 2016

Imagine a world where we are truly digital. Well, what about one where we at least stop printing out artwork approval after artwork approval? What if we could save millions of trees annually? Yes, millions! Simple math brings us there very quickly. If one company has 100 projects/month, and typically does 4 rounds, this kills about 8 trees each year. Doesn’t sound too bad, right? Let’s take the next step. The cookie and cracker industry has over 42,000 companies listed in Hoovers. Well, that brings us to more than 335,000 trees annually. Some might say not all listed companies are large enough to have so many projects, or have so many rounds. Please keep in mind this is only one segment of a very large CPG industry, and then one could add the Private Brand Packaging as well. I think we all get the idea.

Meet Maria Dubuc

By: Kristen BonitoOn: March 8, 2016

Maria is one of our incredible founders and partners.  She will be at Expo West this week, and would love to meet you.  While she is always buzzing from place to place, one thing is certain; she always has time to meet a customer and provide a warm hello.

Maria is an industry-renowned leader for creative workflow technologies, private brand launches, and large retail programs.  She has a rare talent – the ability to manage several highly complex programs with grace and humor while consistently over delivering.

Reach out to us, and we will make the meeting happen!

We Have A New Look And Feel!

By: Ann Marie VegaOn: March 2, 2016

It has been our long history to grow, evolve and meet your challenges as the market changes.  Our promise is to be there with you and to help solve your toughest problems.  We aspire to be “Your smart friend with a great personality who gets things done.”

Our logo mark is meant to embody that reliable, Quirky, smart friend who gets things done.  Quintessential, Quick and always there to answer your Questions.  We look forward to continuing that ever-there relationship.  We are always here to hear your pain points, and make them better.

We hope you enjoy our new branding!

Meet Q: Quintessential, Quick and always there to answer your Questions