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Project Management and Satisfaction Go Hand in Hand

By: Ann Marie VegaOn: June 15, 2016

In-House Creative Departments are often overtasked and understaffed.  We have heard this time and again from our clients and those reaching out for our help.  One tool that will keep your world more organized is a Project Management Solution – but not just any project management solution, you need one who gets your world.  Cella Consulting recently published their 2016 In-House Creative Industry Report findings, which included some Project Management Software insights.  First, 1 in 3 of you are still managing your project load without the help of software. OUCH!  Of those with systems, sadly, nearly 40% ranged from neutral to very dissatisfied with their solutions. 


Don’t suffer in silence.  We know change is difficult; but our implementation methodology supports you through the entire process.  We have decades of experience, creative services roots, and a solution that simply works!


Having a Project Management solution that does not provide Customer Satisfaction simply seems like an oxymoron to us.  How can you keep your customer’s happy, if your tools aren’t working for you?  Our promise is to be there with you and to help solve your toughest problems, allowing you to focus on creative endeavors and getting your projects out the door on time with high quality. 


We understand Creative Professionals.