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Change is Coming for Nutrition Labels

By: Kristen BonitoOn: June 2, 2016

As Science is advancing, we are constantly learning and expecting to know more about the food we are consuming and the affect it will have on our health. When new information is found, it is up to the FDA to update laws that ensure the general public is aware of this information. On May 20th 2016, the FDA finalized new Nutrition Facts focusing on the link between diet and chronic diseases (i.e. obesity and heart disease).

These updates to keep the public informed will require changes to all packaging. This will not be a small job.  Tackling such an enormous task is not new to Marketing by Design (MBD), our sister company. MBD has consistently stayed abreast of these changes and helped clients tackle the actions required to update all packaging.  In fact, in 1990 when Nutrition Labeling and Education Act (NLEA) was passed requiring all packaged foods to show nutrition labeling and all health claims for foods to be consistent with terms defined by the Secretary of Health and Human Services, Maria Dubuc, one of our founders, pioneered a way to manage this enormous undertaking.  As a result, Workflow by Design (WBD) was born.

WBD’s Total Workflow Solution™ is a critical piece of the puzzle when managing large programs requiring updates and approvals across vast quantities of SKUs. Rather than the manual paper process of routing all of these packaging changes, and tracking the status on spreadsheets, our clients have one place of truth for the program, as well as a collaborative environment for artwork approval across internal and external team members. By visiting the bottom of our site you can see real quotes from our clients that state they would not have been able to bring products to market as quickly and efficiently without WBD. Let us help you bring calm to the chaos.

Source: FDA