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Consumer Packaged Goods Company

  • 1300 + projects per year

Living in the Workflow System

A well-known Consumer Packaged Goods company has been teaming with us for more than 20 years. They first used our system to track artwork packaging projects. Over time, we grew and expanded together. This customer now uses our system for Creative Services and Packaging Production projects. They track all projects in the system, communicate with each other in the system, and manage key product information in the system. Some of the users tell us they “live” in the system, and we believe them!

A Broad Set of Needs

This customer has a broad set of needs and an ever-evolving set of demands placed on them from across the corporate organization. With each new challenge, they have asked us to help them solve the problem. Their next big hurdle is bringing all of their eContent into one place and managing eCommerce site information. We love the challenge. Together, we solve their needs.

  •  Project Management
  •  Asset Management
  •  System Interworking
  •  Artwork Routing
  •  Product Information
  •  eCommerce Information


Supporting Your Expanding Goals

We worked with the client to implement a project management system many years ago. The original system has morphed and grown over the years in a graceful manner supporting this customer’s goals. They utilize the system for project management; product information related to artwork production for packaging, marketing, and eCommerce content; asset management; and video review & approval.


Centralized project tracking simplifies and expedites your workflow.


Real time approval builds in accountability.

File Sharer

Unlimited file distribution provides detailed tracking and historical records.

Asset Finder

Asset management finds and repurposes assets with ease.

The Outcomes

  • 1300+ 
projects per year
  • 50% in average project lifetime*
  • 20+ business groups supported
  • 15 brands supported

*based on a 3 year period

Total Workflow Solution

Streamline your Process The Total Workflow Solution Provides an Integrated Approach to a Project's Lifecycle Project Management and Administration.

Using a modular approach allows us to customize the solution to fit your challenges, and solve your most important problems. Our solution is flexible and customized to fit how you work allowing both well-founded practices to continue and incorporating new best practices to be adopted.