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Global Artwork Production

A Multinational Consumer Packaged Goods company came to us as they were being divested. This customer had been with us years ago, and as a result of a merger was forced to change systems. They needed to establish a new process and a system before divestiture. Their artwork production system needs included project management, online artwork approvals, and a place to store assets and copy. The end goal is to support artwork automation in the future. The near term goal was to set up a system supporting global artwork production needs.

A Broad Set of Needs

The customer wanted convenient access to project details, and key materials such as packaging, artwork, and brand information along with detailed information on each project. The system needed to support leaders around the world, and be able to grow into new spaces as needed. Finally, the system needed to interface to other corporate systems being put in place.

  •  Project Management
  •  Asset Management
  •  System Interworking
  •  Artwork Routing


A System That Grows With You

We worked with the client to frame a workflow and system that could support artwork production on a global basis. Our browser-based access allows system users to access the system wherever they are as long as they have Internet access and a smart device (PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone). They chose to roll the system out region-by-region and are now live across the world. The system is being integrated with their Document Management system, and new use cases are being implemented such as video projects and reviews. The first project to go through the system was a 200+ SKU project to change their legal entity! Welcome home..


Centralized project tracking simplifies and expedites your workflow.


Real time approval builds in accountability.

File Sharer

Unlimited file distribution provides detailed tracking and historical records.

Asset Finder

Asset management finds and repurposes assets with ease.

Product Keeper

Product database stores key information and links to projects.

Total Workflow Solution

Streamline your Process The Total Workflow Solution Provides an Integrated Approach to a Project's Lifecycle Project Management and Administration.

Using a modular approach allows us to customize the solution to fit your challenges, and solve your most important problems. Our solution is flexible and customized to fit how you work allowing both well-founded practices to continue and incorporating new best practices to be adopted.