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Multi-Country Retailer

  • 75% decrease in time to market

Speed to Market

A multi-country Retailer needed a system to manage their artwork projects from start to finish. Their vision was to have a system that could bring together in-house teams, vendors, and agencies to improve artwork projects and time to market. With so many moving parts in 13 countries it was taking nearly a full year to bring a product to market.

A Broad Set of Needs

The customer wanted to have one place where projects and key information could live. Their goal was to have products on the shelf faster, whether that was their own Brand or a Vendor brand. They needed a system that could hold vendors accountable, provide solid project management for their many international projects, and route artwork approvals electronically breaking down the barriers of distance.

  •  Market Entry Delays
  •  Poor Vendor Accountability
  •  Project Status Visibility
  •  Artwork Routing


One Place of Truth

We worked with the customer to implement a system that put all key stakeholders in one system for their artwork design and production. In a short 6 months after Go Live, they have been able to on-board more than 100 global vendors with nearly 50 product categories. Artwork approval is much improved, with more than 100 approvals routing per month. Most importantly, they have seen a 30% month over month SKU penetration! Oh, and that nearly one year timeframe to get to market has dropped by 75%.


Centralized project tracking simplifies and expedites your workflow.


Real time approval builds in accountability.

File Sharer

Unlimited file distribution provides detailed tracking and historical records.

Asset Finder

Asset management finds and repurposes assets with ease.

The Outcomes

  • 30% Increase 
in SKU penetration
  • 75% Decrease 
in time to market
  • 50+% Decrease in artwork rounds
  • 100+Global Vendors
  • 49
Brand Categories
Total Workflow Solution

Streamline your Process The Total Workflow Solution Provides an Integrated Approach to a Project's Lifecycle Project Management and Administration.

Using a modular approach allows us to customize the solution to fit your challenges, and solve your most important problems. Our solution is flexible and customized to fit how you work allowing both well-founded practices to continue and incorporating new best practices to be adopted.