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Grocery Retailer

  • 5% in private brand penetration
  • 1000s of SKUs on-boarded

Going Digital

A popular west coast Grocery Retail Chain in the U.S. wanted to move their private brand artwork design and production from manual tracking on multiple spreadsheets to a centralized electronic system. Their ideal system would allow them to communicate within the system, allow vendors to input key information at the start of a project, and provide transparency into the process allowing key stakeholders to be up-to-date
 with live project status. The Director of Corporate Brands also knew the system would be an essential tool during the redesign of their entire private brand.

A Broad Set of Needs

The customer wanted to stop printing artwork for reviews, to start the design process with proper 
data collection from the vendor/broker, and to fully understand the status of their live jobs. They recognized that improving these portions of how they were working would drive speed to market, improve private brand penetration, and grow their overall business.

  •  Market Entry Delays
  •  Poor Vendor Accountability
  •  Project Status Visibility
  •  Too Many Artwork Revisions


Speed to Market

We worked with this client to develop an electronic process that supports their goal of a near paperless work process with accountability and visibility across their projects. Their move to electronic collection of key information from vendors before launching a project, alongside the use of online artwork reviews has reduced the timeline for a line extension by 58%. They have reduced their number of artwork rounds by 57%. With the system in place this customer was able to redesign their entire private brand in less than one year! Overall, the implementation of the system has helped them to improve time to market and market penetration. They have more than 200 vendors participating in the system, and have on-boarded and launched over 2200 SKUs.


Centralized project tracking simplifies and expedites your workflow.


Real time approval builds in accountability.

File Sharer

Unlimited file distribution provides detailed tracking and historical records.

Asset Finder

Asset management finds and repurposes assets with ease.

The Outcomes

  • 3-5% Increase 
in market penetration YOY
  • 50% Decrease 
in project timelines
  • 50% Decrease in artwork rounds
  • 2200+
 SKUs on-boarded
  • 200+
Total Workflow Solution

Streamline your Process The Total Workflow Solution Provides an Integrated Approach to a Project's Lifecycle Project Management and Administration.

Using a modular approach allows us to customize the solution to fit your challenges, and solve your most important problems. Our solution is flexible and customized to fit how you work allowing both well-founded practices to continue and incorporating new best practices to be adopted.